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The Te Ara Poutama programme will benefit students who meet the Ministry of Education criteria for alienation. This is students who are non-enrolled, aged between 13-16yrs and who:

 have been out of school for two terms or more;
 have a history of truancy or dropping out after reintegration;
 have a history of suspensions;
 have been refused entry to more than one school.

These students typically have low motivation, low self-esteem and a history of non-achievement in education. There are usually associated problems with low literacy and numeracy levels, outbursts of anger, substance abuse, behaviour management and family difficulties. Students remain on the programme until they:

 are ready and able to re-enter a mainstream school or;
 are old enough to leave and have found work or another training programme.

Students may forfeit their place on the programme by involvement with drugs, alcohol, and stealing or physical abuse on the premises or during programme hours.

Students, who have extreme behavioural or emotional needs cannot be catered for adequately and therefore will not be accepted on the programme.

Students can enroll by making an appointment and bringing their parent/care-giver with them.

Combining their expertise, experience, and maturity, our staff has put together a programme, which will cover the core curriculum subjects as well as allowing the students the opportunity to further their career plans, while including life-skills